UKRAINE: Drivers and Trajectories of Migration to Europe

The aim of the report is to present the context for understanding the complexities of migration processes in Ukraine from the point of view of historical processes and then migrants’ decision-making to move internally or internationally or to stay. It discusses the main findings of the qualitative research conducted in the frame of the FUME project in Ukraine.

Following the executive summary, migration scenarios and patterns for Ukraine are presented, including both historic and contemporary dimensions.

Next part focuses on various dimensions of migration, which enable us to better understand the motives, patterns and determinants of human mobility of Ukrainians. In particular, environmental, demographic, socio-cultural, economic and political aspects will be explored. That will be presented alongside the methodological note on the research process and interview sample.

After that theoretical part, research’s findings will be presented and contextualised. This part presents the reasons why internal migrants who live in Kyiv left their places of origin. Then, migrants’ motives for choosing the capital as the place of settlement is explored.

Afterwards, the report presents a tentative typology of migrants in terms of their intentions to stay or to migrate further. The report ends with conclusions.