TUNISIA: Drivers and trajectories of migration to Europe

The main objective of this report is to present the decision-making practices that drive potential migrants to leave the areas of origin as well as to settle in or move forward from Sousse city. The publication is a part of the report series focusing on migration drivers and trajectories to Europe.

The description of Tunisian case study is divided into two main sections: the first one is dedicated to the results of the literature review which describes push and pull and hold back factors of migration from Tunisia to Europe and particularly as the first step from Tunisian rural areas to Sousse. The factors are organised into the following subsections: environmental conditions, demographic situation, socio-cultural context, economic situation and last but not least political circumstances that may cause migration.

The second section presents results of the research carried in Sousse with the focus on the reasons of departure from the origins and how it was changing in time, the perception of the current situation in the city of Sousse and finally the future intention to move forward, stay or return to the area of origin. Some thought on further areas worth to be investigated are given at the end of this part.